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BLUE FOREST a wonderful journey


“Look, off to your right, about four metres in”, my wife Sharyn whispered.As Sharyn stopped very still, on the side of the forest trail, I peered into the shadows of the undergrowth, the colours of brown earth, and a covering of yellowing leaves blended upwards into the green leaves of the small children of the forest giants towering above them. I could now see an adult wallaby and her half grown Joey (wallabies are a beautiful small fury relative of the larger kangaroo) standing perfectly still at the base of a small tree. It almost seemed as if they were offering us the opportunity to photograph them, which we did. Then within a minute or two, they gently hopped off in the shadows and became invisible again. This small occurrence is one of the many pleasant experiences Sharyn and I have regularly when we walk the trails of the sub-tropical forests, which fortunately for us, still survive the mountain areas of the district in which we live.

We have enjoyed the fun and pleasure of hiking in the rain forest for about thirty-five years and have never experienced a loss of our respect, fascination and admiration for the wonders of this beautiful environment. As we continued along this particular trail as it meandered its way through the massive trunks of the giants of the forest, the trail became almost like a ribbon of blue created by thousands of rich blue berries which were falling from the forest canopy at this time of the year.

This is when the idea of the Blue Forest came about. I guess it was partly the carpet of blue berries on the trail. However, it also created a realisation in my mind that it could allow me an interesting way perhaps to create a vehicle to help other people to recognise and share in the wonder of the mental and spiritual well being which is created by experiencing the calmness and serenity of the forests and other beautiful environments we all share.

The road Sharyn and I chose to help us in this task was two fold. Firstly, we have created a number of meditation cd’s which focus on practical and easily approachable guided meditations. We have explained in simple terms the essence of what meditation is and how it can benefit people in their day to day lives. The guided meditations provide you with the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy a time of peace and harmony to help enrich your life and perhaps the lives of those around you that you love and care for.

We followed up with creating a series of self empowerment books with a view to helping people to cope with some of the problems thrown in our way by day to day life, such as relationships, stress, depression and providing some strategies  to assist in overcoming many of these challenges.

Also available is our series of beautiful DVD’s created with stunning photography and wonderful music.

We simply wish to help to create more awareness for as many precious people as to how special we all are. How, by becoming more aware of our value and uniqueness, we can increase our peace and happiness and perhaps of greater significance by doing this, we can create the same benefits for our family, friends and loved ones and in a small but significant way, create a ripple of love and understanding that will travel to all the people of the world.




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