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3644207458_969762cb43_o To believe that only truly great people can achieve truly great deeds is to  disbelieve the awesome power of love, passion and faith.

Hello and a very warm welcome to our page on the Human Spirit. Considering that there is literally tens of thousands of books and documentaries about this vast subject it is not likely that I can really contribute anything new to the subject. However this is just a very small humble way that I can tribute something positive to this area. I have started with some videos by Professor Carl Sagan, a famous and highly respected scientist, astronomer and above all a great philosopher, sadly  Carl Sagan has passed away, however he has left a wonderful legacy to those who are interested in the Universe and all aspects of the human condition. Professor Sagan created a substantial body of work during his life, both in the written form, verbally addressing forums and not least of all the video media. There is also available a dvd series called COSMOS which was produced and directed by Professor Sagan. It has stood the test of time and is just as relevent today as it was when first released There are available many video presentations on YouTube which, should you wish will provide an insight to the philosophy on human life and the Universe.

I will continue to add new videos of his in the future so it is a little easier for you to view them. I have also contributed some ideas  below which may be of interest if you are facing many of the normal challenges of everyday life.

The Universe is not just some abstract subject which has no relation to us. We are all creations of the Universe, we are built of the same star dust as everything else around us. It matters not wether it is a rock in our garden or a star system a million light years away we are all intertwined with an invisible connection. Everything is relevent to everything else, there is a comonality of existence and this is why, when we as humans project genuine positive expressions of love, compassion and especially positivity  the Universe cannot help but respond to us by returning even greater quantities of the same.

Some folks may find this point of view strange and unbeliveable.  This is to be expected when there are so many different opinions and ideas about everything in our world today. However, it does not matter what you believe, you only have to consistently practice your positive connection with the Universe and you will soon see that it is returning what you put out and helping you to build a better life for yourself.


Hope you enjoy our page.

A few passages I have contributed.


I have, on a number of occasions, found myself wondering how many of us have contemplated on why some of the people who have populated the world down through the millennia have been able to accomplish such outstanding achievements, either as individuals or through the leadership of others.  All of human history so far is crowded with men and women who have done extraordinary things in their lives.  We can look back as far as 5000 BC and discover the ancient and mysterious world of the great pyramid builders.  In a time when mankind’s view and understanding of the world in which they lived was so very limited, it is difficult to imagine just what processes were taking place to allow one person, such as Egyptian princes and kings, to have the imagination to formulate and develop the concept of constructing a building of the scale, grandeur and permanence of these marvelous stone edifices.

We now have a very good understanding of the techniques and how the construction took place.  However, as remarkable as this physical achievement most certainly is, it needed something equally as remarkable to make it happen and this something is, belief, or to be more specific, self belief, for without the confidence to believe in being able to carry out and successfully complete these building projects, there would be no great massive stone buildings stretching across the landscape of time and history.

It is a challenge for us to comprehend and understand the power in the mind of one individual to carry along such mammoth projects through to their conclusion.  But the simple truth is that it always comes back to someone having the strength of his or her belief to begin, carry through and complete the task in hand.  Self belief is probably the greatest strength mankind has as a traveling companion to help us forge forward into the future and progress in every aspect of our lives.  It would be far too time consuming to carry on listing examples of accomplishments which have been achieved because of self belief, suffice to say that history is filled with them and more importantly so is the present, we have not stopped and it is highly improbable that we ever will.

The human mind obviously has an incredible ability to develop our thoughts and emotions into a cohesive package and direct us to take the appropriate actions to make what we think and feel actually come to fruition.  However, there are a number of people who manage to place these factors together and successfully accomplish their tasks in a seemingly, almost effortless manner, and they may not even believe strongly in how or why they are doing it, except perhaps, only because they have to.

In the main however, achieving success in the above manner is not the rule and probably comes about, for the most part through good luck and good fortune.  What is very important for us to understand is that there is definitely another level of commitment to what we desire to achieve and this is where our strong self belief really comes to the fore.  There are four elements I suggest we should consider, and these are.

One.    Thoughts        (Idea)

Two.    Emotions       (Feelings)

Three.  Actions         (Activity)

Four.    Results          (Completion)

The first is to have the thoughts and ideas for something you desire to do.

The second is the emotions and feelings that grow and develop from your ideas.

The third is the actions and activity you put into place to accomplish what you desire.

The fourth factor is seeing the positive result when it is successfully completed.

Neville Gishford.

Some Things We Can Do When We Run Into The Proverbial Brick Wall

Quite naturally, we normally think of ourselves as having one single life, a continuous flowing stream, progressing from infancy to childhood, into youth, on into adulthood and through old age, and as true as this is, I believe it can be a great help and enormous benefit for us to consider breaking down the flow of our lives into a number of different streams.  I mean by this, that our lives really flow along a number of streams simultaneously, more or less parallel to one another.  These courses can be most easily recognized and understood if we refer to them as our physical life, our personal life, our working life and our spiritual life.

Certainly, it is true that all these streams are interwoven with each other in our day to day lives forming an intricate pattern that sometimes can appear to us as being inseparable.  However, each stream is also flowing independently and we most certainly can separate them if we wish to.  They each bring their own set of challenges, enjoyment, successes and failures.  How we are able to utilize and cope successfully with these events which occur can definitely be helped and made easier by treating each stream as a singular journey.  Put another way, we should compartmentalize the activities of each stream and focus only on them at the appropriate times.

This will give us the ability to focus in on the activities that are required to achieve our goals in each stream, without the distraction of many of the other things which are going on in our life at the same time.  So, this means we should focus on our physical life and our personal life, individually, and likewise for our working and spiritual life.

I am not suggesting that we should bury our head in the sand about some parts of our life and ignore them.  This would certainly be to our detriment.  Simply, that we concentrate on the particular stream that is most relevant to us at that moment in time.  We will accomplish far more this way, rather than constantly attempting to resolve all the issues that confront us, which are a jumble of occurrences spread sometimes frustratingly across our daily lives.  By breaking them down into more specific and clearly defined circumstances which are much more easily recognized, the best choices and decisions we should make are far clearer and more quickly obvious to us.

When we have recognised and we understand the advantages of compartmentalising the current circumstances which are the most important to us, we are then in a position to decide how to best achieve the results we would like.  There are almost always a number of methods available to us to tackle our challenges.  I suggest that it is well worth our while to physically make a list of the difficulties to be overcome, or if you do not wish to do this, you must at the very least, have a clear mental picture of the same thing.  To some people, it may seem too basic a task to bother to actually write down a list.  However, you will find it is very revealing and certainly puts a clear picture in front of you, to know what needs to be acted upon.

Once you have your list in place, you then plan your action.  The following may help.

:Recognize and assess your task.

:Create a plan to achieve your task.

:Take time to consider with care and look for possible disadvantages in your plan.

:Look carefully at the effects your plan may have on your other life streams.

:Consider the effects it may have on your family and friends.

:Do not focus obsessively on only one solution for your plan.

:Always keep an open mind to the fact you can make alternative decisions.

:If you have the choice, be patient and choose the time of your actions to suit you.

:Once you have made a considered decision, do not be swayed from your course.

I would like to ask all of you to remember that we all, without exception, face adversity and difficulties in our lives.  There is not a single person who will not experience coming up against the so called brick wall at some time in the future.  Do not fall into the trap of feeling that you may well be the only one in this unhappy position.  You are most certainly not.  It is no good looking mournfully up at the wall and feeling sorry it is there.  That will not help us get over it or help us find a way around it.  Take the initiative, make your plans, carry them through with confidence and enthusiasm and you will pass the brick wall.

Neville Gishford


 Probably, many of you reading the chapter heading above will easily remember seeing or hearing this saying or one which is very similar which may have referred to a glass of water or a flask of wine.  Nevertheless, it is a question well worth the asking, because it goes straight to the core of how we perceive the world we live in and whether we are people who believe we are blessed to have what we have now or, whether we are people who believe we are deprived of many of the things we feel we should have in our lives.

In simple terms, the question is, are we appreciative of having the well half full of water or are we unhappy because it is already half gone?  It is very important to realize that how we decide we feel about this will make a huge difference to whether we are happy or unhappy.  Almost all situations in which we find ourselves every day offer us the opportunity to make a decision about if they are something positive or something negative.  People that have a confident enthusiastic attitude will actively search for some good which they may be able to glean from the circumstances which have occurred.  Unfortunately, those people who are not in such a happy progressive state of mind find it extremely difficult to see any possible way to access anything worthwhile from the exact same situation.

It is of the utmost importance to our overall health and happiness that we understand and accept that no matter how we view this situation that has occurred, the reality is that it has already happened, be it good or bad.  It is of no matter, it is done and it cannot be undone.  However, fortunately we are blessed with the ability to make up our own mind about what we do about it, and whether we are totally overwhelmed, or can free our emotions enough to focus on some way to gain a positive result from the adversity.

No one would argue against the fact that there are many, many situations that occur, where it is extremely difficult to imagine any person being able to extract anything positive from what may have happened.  However, we are not necessarily talking about finding positives in a way that there is an implication of them being always happy or particularly satisfying, only that they fulfill the roll of helping us to understand how important it is for us to be able to accept that loss or sadness can create some other strand of value and benefit if we only look hard enough and deep enough for it.

Please do not ever underestimate the value of making a consistent and conscientious effort to view the well being half full of water, rather than half empty.  You will find it is a wonderful help and assistance in staying happier and healthier throughout life’s adversities.  Good luck.

Neville Gishford.