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A DAILY MANTRA.  Help yourself start your day well.

I am joyful that I woke up today. 

I am joyful that I am alive,


I am thankful for being me,


I like the person that I am,


I like that I can change if I wish,


I am happy I can contribute to the world,


 I will tell my family I love them,


I will tell my friends I think well of them,


I will make a stranger happy,


I will be grateful for my blessings,


I will endeavour to make the very best of my blessings,


I will enjoy and cherish this day.




Hello and a very warm welcome to you.  If it is possible, try to be in the most peaceful and quiet area that you can find available to you.  It will be helpful if you remove any  footwear you have on and loosen any tight or restrictive clothing you may be wearing. This will help you to be as comfortable as possible and relax more easily.  You will always enjoy and gain more benefit from your meditation if the physical situation you are in is restful and as free as possible from distractions during the time of your practice.  You may sit or lay down if you wish, place your hands comfortably in your lap or by your sides.  Whatever you choose will be fine as either position is quite satisfactory. 

However, please don’t feel you need to sit with your legs crossed.  For many people, this is not the easiest position to rest in and can take years of practice to learn to be comfortable sitting this way for any length of time.  It is my sincere wish to help you to learn to relax and experience some peace and stress free time.  It is certainly not to cause you severe knee and lower back pain, so please choose one of the first two suggested positions.

Please remember also at anytime you are made aware of any external activity that requires your attention, you will immediately be able to become fully alert and wide awake to attend to any important matters that arise while you are meditating

Now that you are settled and a little more comfortable, I would like you to focus your eyes on a particular object or point somewhere out in front of you.  It doesn’t really matter what it is you focus on, as long as you continue to concentrate on it for the next minute or so.

As you concentrate on your chosen focal point, you will count quietly backwards from ten and somewhere before you reach one, you need to close your eyes, keeping them closed and also as relaxed as you can, counting back now, ten, nine, eight, you are becoming more relaxed, seven, six, five, you may now close your eyes, four, three, two, one.

You are now going to slip quietly into a calmer state of mind and body and proceed to feel more and more relaxed, as you continue on with the single most important action in your life steadily taking place as it always has since the minute of your birth into this world, you are breathing.  Yes, I am speaking about your breath.  It is probably not the first thing that came into your mind when I said the most important action.  However, breath is life and it has a far greater influence in your life than just keeping you living.

You are now going to begin with becoming aware of your breath, keeping your eyes closed, take notice of how you are breathing.  Become familiar with the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out, rise and fall, rise and fall.  Do not make any conscious effort at this time to change the way you are breathing.  Allow your body to tell you how relaxed you are and it will also pass this information on to your conscious mind.  Please keep the thought not to force your breathing in any way, just allow yourself to experience the rhythm that is natural for you.  As you become more aware of your breathing, you may experience either a slowing down of your breath or some of you may even experience a speeding up of your breathing  At this point, either of these results are fine because in a very short space of time you will all notice a slowing of your breathing.

Now, I want you to start to tell yourself to slow your breath down, slow the rate of your breathing down, slow your breath down, just keep repeating it to yourself as many times as you like.  It is perfectly fine to do so.  As you say this to yourself, you will soon notice that your body is taking instructions from your mind and your breathing is slowing. Continue to say to yourself, slow down, slow down, slow down.  You will almost immediately begin to feel a gentle calm come over your body as you repeat your mental instructions to slow down.  You are becoming more relaxed all the time.

After a short period, you should find you will now be much more relaxed and your mind is also calmer.  You can now cease your breathing awareness exercise and you will continue with the meditation.  Now, I would like you to keep your eyes closed without forcing them, just be relaxed and far off in the distance.  I want you to see a brilliant white light. It is moving purposely towards you and as it comes closer, it forms into a small orb of glowing pure white energy.  As it arrives in front of you, it is level with your eyes and although it glows with great intensity, you experience no discomfort in watching it.  Now, allow the light to enter into the front of you forehead just above your eyes.  As it does, I want you to think of this beautiful light as the purity of the unchangeable perfection of the universe which has come to you because you are a very special person and you are deserving of receiving good blessings to help you to clear your mind and your body of all the stresses, strains and impurities which have accumulated in you and which you accept are simply unavoidable in your day to day life.

Now that you have accepted the light into yourself, you can use it to begin removing all the stresses and strains, and help it to clear your mind of its clutter and distorted views. While this is happening, I want you to tense the muscles in your forehead.  Do this two or three times, and notice the difference between how it feels tense and how it feels relaxed.  This will allow you to begin to recognize the difference.  Move across to the right side of your head and relax the muscles from your ear down to your chin.  Most of us can’t make our ears move, so please don’t spend a lot of time in this area trying to notice a change.  It will take place anyway.  Move back to your mouth and nose and let the muscles in them also relax.  Now tense your mouth and lips a couple of times and allow them to also fully relax.  They are areas which very much reflect your feelings and emotions and suffer easily from stress and strain.

Cross over to the left side of your face and once again, relax it from your ear to your chin.  Once you have done this, your head will feel quite relaxed.  Now, I want you to allow the white light to move down from your head into your neck and shoulders.  You already know the next move.  Tense your shoulders and relax them a couple of times, just don’t do it too intensely.  Remember, the aim is to relax, not to injure yourself.  Once again, drop them down and let them totally relax, relax, relax.  It is the key word in all this effort.

Let the white light move across through your right shoulder taking with it all the stress and all the strain of the day.  Now, move the light down through your upper arm carrying all the impurities with it.  Let it flow through your elbow and into your lower arm.  More of the stress and strain is being collected by the white light as it passes down through your wrist.  While it is in your wrist, gently rotate your hand around a number of times and feel it relax immediately.  Now, your light has accumulated in your hand and fingers. It contains all of those stresses and all of those strains and impurities we spoke about. Move your fingers and release all of this accumulated negative, destructive power.  See it released as a dark grey smoke, pouring out from the tip of your fingers, being carried away into the surrounding air where it disintegrates into harmless particles and can no longer damage anyone else’s body, mind or spirit.

Allow the light to move back up through your lower arm, through your elbow up to your shoulder.  You will now notice your right arm is far more relaxed than your left arm.  So, now pass the light through your shoulders, across to your left arm and begin to use the light to remove all those stresses and strains and impurities by moving the light down from your shoulder, through your upper arm and through your elbow once again, carrying the stress and strain with it.  All the while, you are becoming more relaxed and calmer.  Keep moving the light down through your lower arm until it reaches your wrist.  Again, gently rotate your hand about.  You may feel a slight tingling sensation in your hand and fingers.  Enjoy this sensation, as it is part of the release of the stress and strain.  Once again, move your fingers and see the impurities and stresses and strains pouring out of the tips of your fingers in the form of the dark grey smoke as it dispensates  harmlessly into the air.  So again, allow the light to return up through your wrist, through the lower arm, through your elbow, through your upper arm and return into your shoulder.

Follow this on now by experiencing the light, which by the way, may now also be giving you a mildly warm pleasant feeling as you relax more.  Move through your chest, into your lungs and into your heart, removing all of the stress, strain and impurities from these organs.  You may choose to do this with as many of your internal parts as you wish.  Now, move the light down into your hips and the lower trunk of your body where you may desire to also remove stresses and strain and impurities, whilst the light is in this part of your body.

Proceed now to move the pure light into your right leg.  Once again, we are going to remove all of the stress, strain and impurities as we were doing previously.  Move the light down through your upper leg and through your knee.  The warm feeling will be still with you as the stresses and strains of the day are carried away.  Follow the light down through your lower leg and into your ankle.  Once again, I am sure you are starting to know what to do next.  Gently rotate your ankle a few times and then relax your whole foot.  All of the stress, strain and impurities have accumulated there and you will now be able to release them by seeing the dark grey smoke carrying them off through the tips of your toes to become harmless.  Now again, follow the pure light back through your ankle, through your lower leg up through your knee, up once again through your upper leg and into your hip.

I am sure you now know where to go next.  Of course, it is across to your left hip and move the light down through your upper leg, collecting all of the stress, strain and impurities and now carrying them down through your knee, through your lower leg and into your ankle.  Once again, gently rotate your ankle two or three times and relax it once more.  Now you are going to release the last of your accumulated stress, strain and impurities.  You will feel the warmth and relaxation throughout your entire body as you see the dark grey smoke streaming out of the tips of your toes to once more become harmless to you or any other living creature.

Just take a few moments to experience how relaxed and calm you now feel.  Your body and your mind are much more in balance as you have been able to overcome a great deal of the clutter and distorted thinking in your conscious mind by becoming so much more at peace with yourself.  I want you now, while you are relaxed and calm, to focus your mind inside your body once again and I want you this time to see three circles, one between your shoulders, one in the middle of our chest and the third in your stomach.  The first of these circles, that is the one between your shoulders, is colored brilliant gold.  The second circle is colored brilliant silver and the third is of brilliant copper.  While you are in a state where you have achieved some quietening of your conscious mind and therefore have gained a little access to your subconscious self, I would like you to experience one of the many ways that you can use the strength and power that is within you to help to create a better world.

Please think of the names of the people who you most love and care about.  To help you, I would suggest you think of husbands and wives, partners, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and of course children.  Now, carefully place all these names inside the first circle.  Following this, now think of the names of some of your close friends, workmates, good neighbors and anyone in your community you know and like.  By the way, if you are blessed with knowing large numbers of these people, I suggest you leave some of them out for your next meditation.  However, you must not leave out the third circle.  This time, I want you to think of the names of people who you believe have done you or your loved ones any harm.  People who behave in an unpleasant manner towards others, perhaps neighbors you can’t get along with or anyone you feel very uncomfortable around.  I will leave it up to you to decide.  Now, place all these names in the third circle.

I would like you to say to yourself that the real person you are inside, the essence of who you are, is a person capable of sending out unconditional love and blessings to all of these people, not just those in the golden circle but all the people in all three circles.  Now, send all the love, blessings and best wishes you have out, so it will benefit everyone who receives them from you.  At first, you may think to yourself that this offering could not possibly benefit anyone far away or who is unaware of you doing it.  However, from the first time you do you will know that the right thought followed by the right emotion followed by the right action benefits everybody and that includes yourself.

Please keep the thought in mind that as you become more familiar with this meditation, you may wish to practice on your own without following this chapter.  This is fine.  If you choose to do so, you are very welcome to continue to use the white light for healing.  However, it can be very enjoyable and rewarding to create your own method for the journey through your meditation. 

Just stay relaxed for a couple of minutes as you have now completed your meditation.  If you need to go about other activities in your day to day life, you can do so in a far more relaxed and peaceful state, which will make it easier and more pleasant for you and also for those people around you.  If you are in a situation where you can continue relaxing without interruption or can now fall into sleep, please enjoy it.

All of my love and blessings to you.  Goodbye for now.


I would suggest, if you wish to practice this second meditation, please commence by also going through the relaxation and breathing portion as described in the beginning of meditation one.

Hello and a warm welcome again.  I would like you to take yourself up to the highest peak of a great mountain range.  The ridge of the main range stretches away both to the north and south as far as your eyes can see.  When you turn to the east and look out, you look over the edge of great craggy sandstone cliffs, the country below you rolls away, flowing out over much smaller, undulating ridges which are covered in lush green forest trees and then fades into a hazy pale blue carpet that spreads out below you.  The sky is as crystal clear as fresh tumbling mountain water and the brilliant blue above you sweeps away to all horizons.  No clouds are visible and the air is very still and calm and although the sun shines warmly down, you feel a slight chill on your face and your hands.

You now make a decision to take the return journey down the mountain.  This would normally be a very arduous trek.  However, you are saved from this by being able to use a well warn path which will take you off the mountain and down into the valley.  You gain a feeling of security and wellbeing, knowing you have a safe journey ahead of you.  A more relaxed feeling is coming over you now that you are travelling down.  As you continue with your journey, you are becoming more calm and more at ease.  Many of the mountain shrubs and trees along the path have a variety of beautiful coloured flowers and are becoming larger and more dense as you progress down from the high peak of the mountain.  Your sense of peace and well being grows with every confident step you take towards achieving your intended aim of returning safely to the foothills below.

You travel down, down, ever downwards towards the destination you have aimed for and you feel a wonderful sense of achievement when you reach your goal.  You now look about for a pleasant, comfortable and safe place to rest.  Almost immediately, you notice right below where you are standing is a beautiful, small stream edged on both sides by very large boulders, their ancient gray surfaces worn smooth by countless centuries of mountain water passing by them, sometimes at a furious pace.  However, at the present time, being late in summer only a small stream of crystal clear water meanders between the boulders and gently cascades into placid ponds which are set like jewels beneath the overhanging branches of the ancient forest trees that stand proud and strong like guardians along both sides of the rocky stream.

Now, I would like you to find yourself sitting comfortably on a large flat platform of rock beside one of the ponds.  The only sounds you hear are the trickle of the stream above the pond as it tumbles through and over the narrow rocky passage leading down from the pond above.  The only other sound you hear is the chirping and whistling of a variety of the forest birds as they move about above in the trees which shade the stream and the ponds from the hot afternoon sun.

Now, you cast your eyes about and you notice the calmness of the surface of the pond and, as you gaze over it, you feel very relaxed as you appreciate the beauty all around you.  Dappled flashes of sunlight dance about on the surface of the water as the light from the sun filters through the leaves of the trees above.  You are becoming more relaxed; your mind and body are being stilled by your acceptance, that for the present time, all is well in the world.

You now notice a number of yellowing leaves dropping silently from the foliage above as they are dislodged by a slight breeze as it moves gently through the green canopy.  They spiral slowly down, down through the rays of sunlight and gently settle on the surface of the water.  At first, you think the water in the pond is perfectly still and calm, but now you notice after the falling leaves are in the water for only a short time, they begin very slowly to move along the length of the pond.  It is very calming and relaxing to follow the progress of the leaves as they are carried along.

As these leaves are no longer living and of any benefit to the forest trees from which they fell, I would like you to see them as similar to all the stress and strain and difficulties that have been accumulating in your conscious mind and your physical body in the recent past.  The unseen current in the pond is the reason for the movement of the leaves and as they move towards the lower end of the pond, their speed slowly increases.  Remember, you are seeing the fallen and discarded leaves as the stress and strain and difficulties you hold on to from your conscious everyday life.

As the current now rapidly increases, I want you to see all of your stresses and strains and difficulties being swept towards the next set of narrows between this pond and the one stretching out below.  They now flow down into the narrow passage and are swept away through the rocky crevice and out of your sight and out of your life to where they can no longer do your mind or your body any harm.  You are now feeling totally relaxed and peaceful, warmed by the filtered afternoon sun on your skin and also the warmth and security offered by the walls of rock and boulders which surround you.

Remain calm and relaxed as you continue to sit beside the pond.  The afternoon is passing as it should.  You notice that the leaves are still falling from the trees above and settle gently on the surface of the water, which is now starting to become a darker shade as the afternoon sun begins to fall below the mountain ridges high above you.  The shadows darken around you.  However, you are now so relaxed and in tune with your surroundings, that you feel that you totally belong in this serene setting.  You are as special as all of the other beautiful and wonderful treasures placed here by the Creator.

As you allow your mind to travel back peacefully over the day that has almost passed, I want you to remind yourself that every single day brings some adverse challenges and obstacles that are placed in your way to distract you from your goal of being calm and happy.  You must tell yourself that this no longer concerns you, as you now know and believe that this daily challenge is a completely normal occurrence, not only for you, but for everyone on the planet.  You will, from now on accept this situation with much more calm and will be better prepared to recognize which of the things that arise each day are worth concerning yourself with and those that can be ignored.  Remember, if you take the time to be in contact with your inner spirit, you will find it much easier to make the correct decisions as your second self always knows the right way to guide you.  All you need to do is ask your inner self for the correct answers.

Now, I would like you to once again think of the fallen yellowing leaves which passed on down the stream and recognize that they come into the life of the stream and the pond every single day, just as your stress and strain and difficulties come into your life everyday and that if you calm your body, mind and your spirit, you can make them disappear out of your life, just as surely as the leaves disappeared down the stream.

With this wonderful feeling you presently have and being in touch with your inner self, it is a good time for you to send out blessings to all of the people you love and care about, have faith in your inner strength and say I send love and blessings to all my family and friends.  I also offer the same love and blessings to everyone, no matter who they are or where they are in the world.

I also would like you to affirm to yourself that you have complete faith in who you are, to have complete faith in the strength and purity of your inner self and your ability to use your power and strength to contribute, not only to your own well being both spiritually and physically, but also to the same well being for as many other people as you possibly can.

Believe in yourself and create ripples of love and compassion that when joined with the same love and blessings from millions of other people, will spread out around the whole world for the benefit of everyone. Good bye for now.

                                                           Love and blessings to all.