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man wearing white shirt brown shorts and green backpack standing on hillWhatever you believe you deserve is what you will receive.


-A small step for one person can be a giant step for another.
-Every journey ever undertaken, whether great or small began with the same thing, the   first step.
-If you keep focused on the things you most want to achieve you will certainly succeed.
 In truth, we only have this present moment, do not waste it.
-Patience helps to create and maintain a calm mind.
-If you find yourself becoming angry with the behaviour of your children, be careful you   may be looking into a mirror at your own reflection.
-There is a very well known saying, think before you speak. There are also many   occasions when we should take the time to think and not speak at all.
-A bad attitude is more contagious than the measles.
-Our shadow is there to remind us that we are never truly alone.
-Amid all the challenges  and confusion of the world we live in, an eternal constant is   that a new day will dawn each morning.
-We cannot change  the direction of the road we travel on, however we are free to   choose what we do along the way.
-Give people more than they expect and do it with good cheer.
-To find the central abiding strength in any society, look no further than the family.
-Man is free to make his or her own decisions. Only God knows if they are right.
-You have to give yourself permission to allow others to make you feel inferior.
-If you are willing, you will.
-The best way to cope with adversity is to see it as a teacher.
-You will never be able to recognize the future until you get there.
-Mediocrity is the enemy of high achievement.
-In truth we only have this present moment, do not waste it.
-How wonderous is it that such a simple thing as a thought can be made a reality.
-When necessary our courage can begin with a whisper but grow into a mighty roar.
-Creating perfection is simply an unobtainable goal in man kinds intentions.
-Strive for progress, not perfection.
-A short journey can be as spectacular as a long journey. You simply have to take more notice along the way.
-A gathering of great men and women will accomplish nothing without sincerity and good will.
-The power is not in forceful dominance, the real power is in creating co-operation.
-Happiness is not compatible with selfishness.
-Do not ever waste your valuable time, remember every yesterday was once a tomorrow.
-If we lack the courage to start, we have already finished.
-Self pity is like boiling water, the more you pour on yourself the more painful it is.
-To help give your life meaning, you must mean what you give to your life.
-The best way to cope with adversity is to see it as a teacher.
-Acting out of vengeance is the same as walking around in circles. You never move on from where you are.
-Self pity is like boiling water. The more you pour on yourself, the more it hurts.
-Your real life begins where your comfort zone ends.
Special footnote.= I would like to say that I do not claim
that all the sayings above are originals thoughts of mine.
Where it is possible I will always attribute  sayings to 
the quoted authors if possible. However I would think it is
true to say that due to the fact  we have had five
to ten thousand years of intelligent oral and then written
history, we could rightly assume that everything ever
thought of or written down has been thought of or written
many, many times over.However it stands to reason that when
men or women of fame or fortune make quotes of wise words
that these ideas are then attributed to them as original.
It is of no matter,wisdom is wisdom and as long as it
benefits people we really do not have to concern ourselves
who spoke or wrote them. 

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