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We retain the right to reject any material submitted, after review by our panel.  This is absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity and acceptable standard of material entered into our site.  This is for the comfort and protection of all our visitors and members.

Material presented for inclusion will be either accepted or rejected in total by us. There will be no modification by us of any proposed material.

We will not enter into any discussion with anyone who has presented material, about our decision to accept or reject the said material.

We will, under no circumstances, display any personal information on anyone submitting material to our site.  This includes, names, addresses and email addresses.  Anominity of all persons wishing to submit items is guaranteed.

As the owners of this website we guarantee that we will not supply, sell, swap, share or giveaway any information to any other party, provided to us in the course of any submissions.  We will, however, keep on record for our own purposes the email addresses used for any such submissions.