wise man

Please enjoy some wise words.

When our life journey brings us to the edge of our familiar world and we must take another step  into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe one of two things will happen. Either we will find something firm to stand upon or we will be taught to fly.


People who are content with mediocre achievements look at the way the world is and say, well that is good enough. People who seek to rise far above mediocre achievements look at the same world and say, good, but not nearly good enough.


On our journey through life, men and women of wisdom should choose friends and companions along the way who are people of integrity, compassion, enthusiasm and loyalty. Also we should value people who have a strong family ethic and are positive about the opportunities and challenges ahead. In other words we should seek to associate, were possible with companions who have high hopes of a fortunate, happy and successful future were we and others experience a better world because of our passage through it.


We each have the responsibility of temporary custody of the planet. During our time here, we should consider it an obligation to pass it forward to the next generation as good as it was or, if possible even better. If we do, future generations will honor us with gratitude and great respect.


Who is Will.

Will is someone who can be very powerful and at other times Will is someone who can be very weak. Sometimes he can make the supreme sacrifice and at other times he can make no sacrifice at all. Will is someone who can display great courage and at other times he can display no courage at all. Will is within us all, he can be brought out at any time or he can be hidden away from our view But do not make the mistake of doubting just how powerful Will really is. He has helped mankind achieve its greatest successes and he has also helped it to achieve  some of its darkest deeds. Fortunately for us, Will must do what we request him to do. So make him your very special friend, put him to the test and ask him to do his very best.









 Who is Will

Special footnote.= I would like to say that I do not claim
that all the sayings above are originals thoughts of mine.
Where it is possible I will always attribute  sayings to 
the quoted authors if possible. However I would think it is
true to say that due to the fact  we have had five
to ten thousand years of intelligent oral and then written
history, we could rightly assume that everything ever
thought of or written down has been thought of or written
many, many times over.However it stands to reason that when
men or women of fame or fortune make quotes of wise words
that these ideas are then attributed to them as original.
It is of no matter,wisdom is wisdom and as long as it
benefits people we really do not have to concern ourselves
who spoke or wrote them.